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Saturday, December 26, 2009

‘World Water Monitoring Day’ Specified by EPA as Normal Activities Throughout the Year

‘World Water Monitoring Day’ Specified by EPA as Normal Activities Throughout the Year

TAIPEI, Taiwan--‘World Water Monitoring Day’ (WWMD) is an event of global concern for the water quality of the environment, aimed at encouraging people around the world to care about water quality and work together to preserve the Earth’s water resources. With enthusiastic responses from the nations, the activities marking WWMD are specified as all-year-round ones since 2009, carried out from March 22 (the‘World Water Day’, one of the major United Nations environmental events) till December 31.

In order to encourage people of Taiwan to care about water quality and working together to preserve water resources, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Executive Yuan had called for the popular participation in the WWMD activities since 2003, and held seminars to groom seed teachers in the hope of planting the roots of environmental education. By promoting the public participation in environmental protection, EPA hopes to raise the public’s environment awareness and train environment monitoring volunteers.

E.Y. EPA and Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Hsinchu City recently co-sponsored the 2009 WWMD ‘All People Working Together’ activities to monitor river water quality, and the VIPs present at the September 30 event include the deputy director of Department of Environmental Monitoring & Information Management of E.Y. EPA Fang Shu-Hui, deputy mayor of Hsinchu City Chen Chuan-Gui, deputy director of Hsinchu EPB Chiang Shen-Ren and so on.

EPA said the Taiwan cities’ WWMD-related activities were carried out simultaneously with countries around the world, allowing Taiwan integrate into the whole world and do its part as a Global village member to preserve the water resources on Earth, so that people’s attention would be aroused and everybody in the world can enjoy clean and safe water.

Source of this release: Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
for Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Executive YuanWen Hong Ann,

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