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Bottling system improves water quality, sustainability for leading restaurants and hotels

Miami, FL  – Vero Water, a Miami-based pure water resource corporation owned by entrepreneur and CEO Joshua Kunis, announces the national launch of its exclusive seven-step water refining system designed to offer high-end restaurants and hotels eco-friendly, ultra-purified and made-to-order still and sparkling water with zero carbon footprint.

As green initiatives continue to gain traction in the hospitality industry, many restaurateurs and hoteliers are having to make compromises on luxuries to help build an environmentally friendly brand. One of these concessions includes making a change from offering patrons premium bottled water to filtered tap water. This method reduces the amount of energy used to create a bottle of water and ship it from Europe to the United States, resulting in little to no carbon footprint, reduction of waste, boosting the restaurant’s environmental credibility and saving costs. However, if using inadequate filtration systems, the essential health benefits of pure water are completely nonexistent and sometimes reversed. Some filtration systems actually increase the amount of lead in water, which can not only negatively affect almost every system in the body, but also has the most effects on infants and children.

Vero Water offers both the purest water available by scientific standards and a system that creates the water on-site with zero carbon footprint. The system utilizes an innovative, seven-step reverse osmosis water purification technique to produce laboratory-grade still and sparkling water for high-end restaurants and hotels within seconds. Vero Water’s intricate purifying approach protects consumers from the harmful effects of lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chemical contaminants, pesticides, pathogens, bacteria, virus and even radioactive materials to reveal odorless water that is significantly purer and fresher than premium bottled waters. The water is passed through an absolute sediment filter to remove all present dissolved solids followed by two granular activated carbon filters – the highest-rated and most powerful absorbent of impurities. A semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane then strains and rejects any contaminants that are too large to pass through the membrane’s microscopic pores. The water is passed through a final coconut shell post-carbon filter that polishes the water by removing any unpleasant tastes or odors before being received from the ambient, rapid chiller and carbon dioxide filtering canisters.

Vero Water also allows clients to go green for less green by eliminating the cost of goods for bottled still and sparking water. The systems are paired with Italian-designed, re-usable glass bottles - which can also be branded by the individual businesses - to encourage ecological initiatives and avoid the overwhelming waste of plastic bottles.
“Restaurants no longer have to make a choice between going green and serving premium still and sparkling water,” says founder Joshua Kunis. “We use the most advanced technology to produce, by objective scientific standards, the purest possible water. While older systems provide the same function of a Brita of simply filtering water, we capture the contaminants in the water and drain it completely to reveal absolutely pure water. In Italian, vero means “true” and “authentic,” which is what we deliver to our clients: true, authentic pure water.”

Vero Water uses the most advanced technology in creating the freshest, ultra-pure luxury water available to restaurants and hotels with zero carbon footprint. All system parts are made in the USA, resulting in a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. Vero Water can be tasted in high-end restaurants and hotels nationwide including Sra. Martinez, Shula's, Fratelli Lyon, OLA, D Rodriguez, Matteo’s, Prime Grill, Brasserie Mason, La Gorge Country Club, Sheraton Four Points, Holiday Inn, Roger Smith Hotel, The Tides, Pacific Palms Resort, and more. The Vero Water system is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – and is available at
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