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Friday, June 25, 2010 - Investors can no Longer Be Complacent; It's Time to Step up and Invest in our Environment - Investors can no Longer Be Complacent; It's Time to Step up and Invest in our Environment

Investors can no Longer Be Complacent; It's Time to Step up and Invest in our Environment offers free cleantech stock directories to first 100 investors that Respond

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June 25, 2010 ( renewable energy /green newswire) -, a global investor research portal covering renewable energy, the environment and water, is taking its most aggressive stand since its formation over twelve years ago. Investorideas, com founder asks investors that have been sitting on the sidelines with cash waiting for the timing to coming to come back to the market – to do it now and invest in cleantech.

A call to investors from President and founder, Dawn Van Zant

" has never given specific recommendations since inception, but feels passionately that we need to invest in water and environmental technology today; not tomorrow or next week or next year.

In that light, I am offering the first one hundred investors that email us following this release a free stock directory of their choice in our cleantech group (water stocks, renewable energy, fuel cells or environment stocks).
I have never felt stronger about this than now, watching a part of our ocean and planet die in front of us. We all have been hit hard financially in the past two years and been consumed with surviving financially. I know first hand what that has been like. But I think we need to think past the next month and how we pay our bills to how are we going to live on this planet if we keep killing it..
When you read headlines that a man has killed himself over witnessing the devastation of the coastal waters he once worked upon; a part of all of us feels that grief.
The BP Oil Spill is the largest and most devastating environmental disaster mankind can be held accountable to. We need to stand up to that and fight it with change for the better. We can be complacent no longer. We can't wait! Invest in change; invest in technology that we can be proud of.
To quote a man who has always promoted cleantech, President Obama, "we must be bold," was on the of the first investor sites covering investing in water and renewable energy and I would like to believe that we have a following of investors that will hear this and start making a difference tomorrow. We can all make a difference with one action at a time."
Please email us for your free stock directory subject: free cleantech stock directory and let us know which of the cleantech stock directories you would like us to send. This is one way we feel we can contribute to you taking the next step.
Dawn Van Zant, President

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