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Friday, August 28, 2009

Water Stocks Sector Close –Up on Water Stocks; Climate Change and Water

Water Stocks Sector Close –Up on Water Stocks; Climate Change and Water

2009 World Water Week participants unanimously support Stockholm Statement on water, climate change, and adaptation

Featured Water Stock Showcase Company: Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE )

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC –August 28, 2009, an investor and industry portal for the water sector within, presents a sector close-up on water stocks on water and climate change, following comments from World Water Week in Stockholm.

News from World Water Week:
Global conference says that water must be included in COP-15 climate negotiations

2009 World Water Week participants unanimously support Stockholm Statement on water, climate change, and adaptation

Stockholm, Sweden- The participants of the 2009 World Water Week in Stockholm unanimously said that water must be included in the COP-15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

At various sessions throughout the Week, a number of organizations and officials have articulated the
reasons why water needs to be an integral part of the negotiation process on climate change and
adaptation. Full News:

Supporting data for the urgency and impact of climate change was released this year from Oxfam this year with
new research in a report (The Right to Survive ) that projects that by 2015, over 375 million people could be affected by climate-related disasters each year, including drought.

For investors, the water opportunity is significant but needs more attention according a report earlier this year.
Ceres.Org, released a report, "Water Scarcity & Climate Change: Growing Risks for Businesses & Investors", noted that water is an area that needs more attention. More:

Investors following the sector can find research tools, news and global water stock directory to find opportunities within the growing sector.

Water Stocks Sector close- up trading, August 28, 2009

American Water Works Company, Inc. (NYSE: AWK) trading at $20.24 -0.12 (-0.59%) 12:30pm ET
ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT) trading at $50.65 -0.47 (-0.92%) 12:43pm ET
Middlesex Water Company (NasdaqGS: MSEX) trading at $15.50 0.08 (0.51%) 10:05am ET
Nalco (NYSE:NLC) trading at$17.44 0.21 (1.19%) 12:43pm ET
Northwest Pipe (NasdaqGS: NWPX) trading at $ 34.03 0.21 (0.61%) 12:46pm ET
Pentair, Inc. (NYSE: PNR) trading at $ 28.43 0.29 (1.01%) 12:48pm ET
Watts Water Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: WTS ) trading up at $28.81, up 0.13 (0.45%) 12:14pm ET
Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE ) trading at $0.27
PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) trading down at 24.28 - 0.08 (0.33%)

Water investors can also read recent interviews and gain insight from Perspectives on the Water Industry by Sector Expert Neil Berlant, Fund Manager of the PFW Water Fund : PFW Water A (PFWAX).

Featured Water Stock Showcase Company: Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE )

Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE) is an Oil and Gas solutions provider focused on deploying its water remediation and environmental technologies that overcome tough operational challenges facing oil and gas operators today on a global basis. Virtually anywhere in the world oil is produced contaminated water is produced, this includes associated formation water in conventional oil and gas production and potable water used in unconventional oil production such as the massive Oil Sands development in Alberta Canada.
Using conventional oil/water/solids separation technology, between 0.05% - 5% (500 ppm - 50,000 ppm) residual oil content remains in the water, Wescorp's patented, proven and highly scalable H2Omaxx microscopic aeration technology addresses this crisis by being able to increase the recovery of oil and reduce the amount of hydrocarbons in the contaminated water to less than 0.001% or 10 ppm. Wescorp's H2Omaxx is extremely economical and environmentally friendly eliminating the use of chemicals, filtration systems, high temperature systems and high pressure vessels.

Dave LeMoine, Wescorp’s VP Corporate Development explains more “Produced water handling and treatment represents an $18 billion cost to the oil and gas industry in the United States alone. The cost of disposing of oil and gas produced water ranges from a low of $0.002 per gallon ($0.08/barrel) to a high of $0.30 a gallon ($12.00/barrel). By contrast, water for agricultural irrigation can be as low as $0.0001 per gallon ($0.004/barrel) and municipal drinking water costs in the range of $0.001 per gallon ($0.04/barrel). The price of cleaning produced water is therefore as much as 300 times greater than municipal water, and as much as 3,000 times greater than agricultural irrigation water. By oil and gas producers incorporating Wescorp’s H20Maxx technology will reduce the use of fresh water, allow for in increase in the recycling of produced water, and have a small impact on the eco system.

Wescorp Energy Inc Showcase Profile Page:
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