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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Water Stocks Sector Close – Up and Commentary; Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) Discusses Investing in Water

Water Stocks Sector Close – Up and Commentary; Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) Discusses Investing in Water

World Water Day Reminds Investors of the Needs and Opportunities

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC –March 22, 2009, an investor and industry portal for the water sector within, presents investing in water, the first in a series of commentary and insight with Neil Berlant, Fund Manager of the PFW Water Fund (PFWAX).

With World Water Day held March 22, 2009 , drawing global attention to water issues, reminds investors of the needs and opportunities within the sector.

As recently noted in a report from Ceres.Org, “Water Scarcity & Climate Change: Growing Risks for Businesses & Investors”, water is an area that needs more attention. and has turned to well- known industry expert, Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund, who has dedicated his life-long career to the sector, to provide insight and ideas on the global theme of investing water.

Q&A: Dawn Van Zant at, Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund

Q- Dawn Van Zant at
Neil, the recent media from warning investors and business they are not paying attention to water would not be news to you, as you have been a long- time believer in the sector. But in that line of thinking, for investors just getting into the water space - what are some of the key trends they should they be looking at?

A- Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund
The forces driving growth in the water sector can be narrowed down to three principal areas: Economics, quality, and infrastructure. On the economics side, water has historically been underpriced, that is, not reflecting its real cost. The real cost for water is what it costs to find water, treat water, and then to distribute it. We have never really factored in those costs to arrive at the price that we charge for water. That is in the process of changing, but change is coming on very slowly. As for quality, this is a major issue. Not that water quality for drinking water purposes is inadequate or not being addressed, but rather that the quality of the water we require for most applications is growing more demanding. For most applications today, and in the future, we require very highly purified water. For example, to manufacture semiconductors, we require “ultra-purified” water. The same is true for generating electricity and manufacturing. In addition, health care and food processing require highly purified water. These areas were previously not as demanding. Last, but not least, the issue of the water infrastructure throughout the US is growing in importance. It is well-documented that we are facing what may be as much as a $1 trillion deficit in capital to improve the aging US infrastructure. That means an enormous bounty of business in pipe replacement, filtration, and purification equipment over the next twenty years.

Q- Dawn Van Zant at
With your fund, The PFW Water Fund how would you define your short term and long term strategy? And how can investors participate in the fund?
A- Neil Berlant of the PFW Water Fund
The PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) expressly addresses the opportunities outlined above. The Fund broadly focuses on the water industry, and more specifically on the companies that comprise the broad definition of the water industry as all of the things that influence the quality or availability of water. The PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) is invested in companies in purification, infrastructure, desalination, and all things related to water. As the portfolio manager, I have focused exclusively on the water industry since the mid-1980s, with portfolios that have consistently beaten the broad stock market. The PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) is uniquely positioned to participate in the explosion of activity we anticipate over the next couple of decades. The growth we forecast is expected to last for some twenty years and therefore, the PFW Water Fund (PFWAX) is investing in the long-term growth of owning businesses, rather than short-term speculation. We are in front of wave of activity that is somewhat unique to the water industry and thus offers the prospect of wealth-building that is difficult to find elsewhere.

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About Neil Berlant:
Fund Manager of the PFW Water Fund - PFW Water A (PFWAX)
Since 1968, Neil has been continuously involved in the investment banking industry, either as a principal, officer, or founder of several firms. He has supervised and initiated the publication of numerous investment research reports on the water industry and conducted conferences directed towards top corporate management, the investment community, and venture capitalists. He has been a speaker at conferences on topics ranging from financing, to business and investment opportunities in the water industry. In addition, he has consulted to Fortune 500 companies and participated in negotiations concerning mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital investments. He is quoted frequently in newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Investor's Business Daily, and is a frequent water expert on CNBC.

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