Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Global Water Issues Rising for Investors and Influencers

Global Water Issues Rising for Investors and Influencers

"When you change the availability of water, you change the prerequisites for farming – the possibility to feed this planet – and you change the possibilities for energy production, forestry and industries…”

New York, NY, November 17, 2009)– In a posting today on the Governance & Accountability Institute’s Web platform – www.gai-insightsedge.com -- readers learned in the “ESG & Sustainability Perspectives & Insights” newsletter that “Water” topics are rising fast to the top of the list of current or potential longer-term risks posed to corporations in the view of a growing number of global investors, their coalitions and the asset managers they hire.

“Expect water to be among the topics addressed at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (December 7-18 in Copenhagen),” the newsletter editors commented. “The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate (presented in partnership with the Pacific Institute) recently convened the 4th Working Conference in Stockholm, attracting 100+ global water experts and leaders from the corporate, public and social sectors for discussion of critical water issues.”

“World Water Week” was the main event in Stockholm, drawing several thousand scientists and water experts from 130 countries to discuss strategies for global water management in the upcoming Copenhagen conference. Anders Berntell, head of the Stockholm International Water Institute (conference sponsor), told Associated Press: “When you change the availability of water, you change the prerequisites for farming – the possibility to feed this planet – and you change the possibilities for energy production, forestry and industries…” The participants are forwarding recommendations to the global climate warming meeting. The CEO Water Mandate focuses on responsible engagement in public policy; water and human rights; and water transparency and disclosure.

In the UK: Calls for Water Footprint Labelling
Meanwhile, In the United Kingdom, the Food Ethics Council (FEC) and the health and food advocacy group, Sustain called for package labeling to provide consumers with information about the “water footprint,” the “hidden” amount of water used in the manufacture of foods and beverages. The labeling called for would not involve volume stickers, but would reflect the practice of “good water stewardship,” and the ways in which companies are working to conserve water, use it efficiently and that are environmentally-sustainable. This kind of information could also be incorporated into wider labeling to address fair trade, social issues and the carbon labeling schemes such as those of the Carbon Trust.
Water issues additions to the Institute’s INSIGHTS-edge knowledge management platform
Given the growing importance of water issues to boards and executives of public companies, investors, governments and advocates, INSIGHTS-edge editors have added a new section to the ESG / Sustainability: Water Issues. Here you will find profiles of the following trendsetters and market influencers:
United Nations Water; UNESCO Water; US Environmental Agency, Office of Water; Water.org; WHO Water Sanitation and Health; World Bank “Water”; World Water Council; European Water Partnership; Global Water Partnership; Stockholm International; TruCost. More profiles, background information and streaming news is continuously added in this section.
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