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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Investing in Water- Impact on Economy

Report/news: An Assessment of Short-Term Economic Impacts of Water and Wastewater
Construction Projects in the United States
Clean Water Council (CWC)

Key Findings:

Investments in water and wastewater infrastructure have immediate, substantial and far-reaching effects on the economy.
At the national level, an investment of $1billion almost triples in size as total demand for goods and services reaches an estimated $2.87 to $3.46 billion.
*The total effect on economic demand is smaller at the state level, but direct investments in water and wastewater infrastructure can nearly double as expenditures for necessary supplies and household spending impact the economy.
Spending to rebuild our infrastructure affects a wide range of economic sectors. Engineering services, heavy equipment, truck transport, and pipe materials are needed to complete infrastructure projects, but businesses
and households, in turn, spend money on goods and services across a wide array of sectors.
An estimated 20,003 to 26,669 jobs can result from a national investment of $1 billion. These opportunities
are spread across the economy with more than one-half of the jobs in industries other than water and wastewater
Personal incomes and economic security are impacted by infrastructure investment.
An increase in total employee compensation accompanies job creation at the national, state, and local levels.
State and local revenues increase as infrastructure is built or improved, though the size of effects vary by
location, size, and type of project.

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