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Water Remediation Solutions Company Oceanic Environmental Solutions; Addressing Produced Water and Frac Water

Water Investment Opportunity for Accredited Investors

New York NY- May 8,  2012 – Investorideas.com, a leader in sector research including water stocks and energy stocks ,  showcases Oceanic Environmental Solutions (OES),  a private Canadian company focused on bringing water remediation solutions to oil and gas markets for produced water and frac water treatment .    

Oceanic Technologies  
In both retrofit and stand alone situations OES technology can be applied to address a wide range of needs in the remediation process

Enhanced Skim Oil Recoveries"– better recoveries at the “skim oil” stage mean higher
profit for the client and reduces the burden on downstream treatment.

Oil/Water Separation – this is the primary step in produced water remediation. OES
optimizes oil recovery by utilizing the OES’ Proprietary Enhanced Induced Air Flotation
system. The system is simple, robust and economic to build and run. The OES system has
no filters or media that can get clogged by sediment or mineral deposits.

BTEX Reduction" – Standard oil/water separation deals with free oil and cannot deal
with water soluble hydrocarbon (BTEX)." The OES aeration system can be used to strip
BTEX from solution. The system can strip BTEX without filters or media that can get
clogged by sediment or mineral deposits.

Produced Water BOD and COD Reduction"– High BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) can render discharge water harmful even if the
oil has been dealt with." The OES system can efficiently deliver the oxygen needed to
deal with the issue.

Enhanced Settling of Solids and Heavy Metals"– OES’ proprietary micro bubble process
can enhance solids and entrained heavy metals separation. Solids of different types either drop out of the bubble rich, less buoyant, fluid or are trapped and floated to the surface for removal.

Treatment of Waste Streams from Water Remediation Technologies" – Water
remediation can produce an oily sludge or sediment that must be dealt with. OES is
working on an advanced bio digestion system with a relatively small footprint that
produces an end product suitable for landfill disposal.

About Oceanic
Oceanic Environmental Solutions Inc. (“OES”) is a private Canadian company focused on
bringing water remediation solutions to oil and gas markets. OES’ industry knowledge
allows it to link the appropriate technologies and handling of waste streams into a
complete solution. OES’ Proprietary Enhanced Induced Air Flotation system is used
independently or in conjunction with our other water management solutions, which
provides overall lower CAPEX and OPEX for our clients.

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