Monday, September 20, 2010 - Water Stocks News; Wescorp (OTCBB:WSCE) Updates 30-Day Operation of H2Omaxx Oil-Water Separation Technology at Cancen Oil - Water Stocks News; Wescorp (OTCBB:WSCE) Updates 30-Day Operation of H2Omaxx Oil-Water Separation Technology at Cancen Oil

Water Stocks News; Wescorp (OTCBB:WSCE) Updates 30-Day Operation of H2Omaxx Oil-Water Separation Technology at Cancen Oil
New Data Expands H2Omaxx Performance Range - Effectively Reducing 40+% Contaminated Hydrocarbon Waste Water to Less than 12 Parts Per Million
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CALGARY, ALBERTA - September 20, 2010 ( Water Stocks Newswire) - Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTC.BB:WSCE), a clean water technology company focused on implementing its low-cost solutions into several markets including the oil & gas and marine industries, provided an update today that the Company's H2Omaxx oil-water separation unit has completed its initial 30-day commercial operations at Cancen Oil Canada Corporation's New Sarepta facility. The Company has confirmed new operating capabilities for the H2Omaxx clean water technology; cleaning 40+% contaminated hydrocarbon waste water to less than 12 ppm oil.

Overview of 30 day operation – summary:
In July, Wescorp commenced a 30-day continuous commercial test of H2Omaxx to define a number of operating parameters, including heat requirements and treatment time.
The unit ran successfully and reliably, meeting Cancen's operational needs by treating approximately 3,500 barrels of contaminated fluid.
Unexpectedly, the fluid received was from oil sands operations, and was heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons. The oil/water mixture was in the range of 10-40% plus oil - contaminated. The H2Omaxx has historically treated oil/water mixture in the 3-5% range.
The H2Omaxx successfully treated the 40/60 mixture by cycling the fluid through the treatment process a number of times, rather than a single pass through which is normal for less contaminated fluid.
The batch treatment of the mixture achieved Cancen's standards for fluid disposal in its disposal well. While Wescorp was subject to the operational pressures of Cancen's site, Wescorp was permitted to undertake a multi-cycle treatment process of one tank of heavily contaminated fluid, under conditions which permit replication, in order to verify the operating range of the H2Omaxx.
Inlet and post-treatment outlet samples were taken. Lab results from ALS Laboratory Group establish that the H2Omaxx successfully received fluids contaminated at 40%+ (by volume) level, and discharged a cleaned fluid at less than 12 ppm hydrocarbons.
Treatment of this level of hydrocarbon contamination without extensive heat, chemicals or filters is, in Management's judgment, exceptional.
Wescorp believes that the next stage of testing should focus on defining what level of contamination requires only one treatment cycle, and what level of contamination requires repeated treatment cycles, also known as batch treatment.
"This 30-day operating period is important for several reasons," states Robert G. Power, Executive Chairman of Wescorp. "First, Wescorp's H2Omaxx technology has passed the research stage and we are now focusing on scalability and the range of hydrocarbon contamination to treat. Second, we have again proved the technology's operational reliability – a critical issue with many competing technologies.
"Third, we learned that the H2Omaxx can successfully treat fluids with a dramatically higher percentage of contaminates than historically treated. We believe that this expanded upper treatment range opens up significant new market potential.
"We caution readers that these results now need to be replicated in additional operating scenarios. The reality of oil field waste fluid treatments is that there is a wide range of hydrocarbon contamination and related chemical contamination. Further testing is required. However, these results demonstrate H2Omaxx's highly effective ability to clean some of the most contaminated waste in the oil industry without the use of filters, chemicals or heat."
H2Omaxx Technology
H2Omaxx has been proven to be a safe, effective, economical and environmentally friendly process for cleaning and separating oil and solids from water.
Using Wescorp's nano-aeration technology, previous independent test results have shown the H2Omaxx technology to reduce the oil content in produced water to less than 10 parts per million without the use of chemicals, filters or heat.
Use of H2Omaxx provides important cost benefits to the operator when compared with the traditional multi-technology approach to remediate water.
H2Omaxx can lower both the operator's capital costs and operating costs significantly. In addition, new revenues are created by the capture of barrels of oil that would otherwise be disposed.
The H2Omaxx technology has been designed to produce the H2Omaxx unit in a variety of sizes, including a mobile unit and commercial units (2,500, 10,000 and 65,000 barrels-per-day).
10,000 BPD Mobile Unit
Wescorp previously announced that it will be taking delivery of a new 10,000 barrel-per-day H2Omaxx unit, designed and built by K-Line Trailers Ltd. ( Because delivery of a component is not expected to be received by K-Line until mid October, Wescorp presently expects to receive the completed unit by early November. After completion of the commissioning phase, the mobile unit, which is designed to be rapidly transported to remote locations, will be available to be marketed for potential customer sites, initially in Western Canada. Wescorp also intends to market the unit's services in the Gulf of Mexico area.
The mobile, 10,000 barrel-per-day unit is designed to be placed swiftly on sites for the purposes of demonstrating the technology and for use for short-term commercial operations. The unit will have its own storage, separation and containment tanks, micro-aeration generators, and firmware and computer automation technology to allow water remediation with minimal human supervision.
About Wescorp
Wescorp Energy Inc. ( is a clean water solutions company focused on implementing its superior yet low cost solutions into the oil and gas production industry.
Safe Harbor Statement
Any statements contained herein that are not historical facts may be forward-looking statements, and involve risks and uncertainties. Potential factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Information on the potential factors that could affect the Company's actual results of operations is included in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These risks may be further discussed in periodic reports and registration statements to be filed by the Company from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the future.
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